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Where My Bitchez At?

G's Up Hoes Down In This Muthafucka

Go, go Nizzle in the house, BOUNCE, y'all already know what I'm about. (My real name is Jake but since that sounds so damn white I go by the name of Nizzle. Fo' shizzle bizzle.) I'm Gangsta Trash Barbie's imaginary thug boyfriend. I ain't nuthin' but a muthafuckin' figment of her imagination. And I'm gangstafied, do or die, bitch. I got me an AK 47 in one hand and a fine azz 300 pound rap hunnie in the other. I'm one black cowboy you definitely don't wanna fuck wit. Gangsta T, GTB, where u @, biatch?! Bounce dat azz 4 yo imaginary Nizzle.