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Where My Bitchez At?
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in nizzle4shizzle's LiveJournal:

Sunday, June 5th, 2005
7:48 pm
Well it’s friday night, I’m in a club with a crew just maxing
Cuties and booties and yo I’m ready for action
Cause fat joe doesn’t go to clubs for his health
It’s too many skins, so every man for himself
I got me a sex on the beach from the bar
I know this girl was looking at me from afar
Plus she with a crew, they all got it going on
She came over and asked me if my name was john
I said, yeah, john doe, so what’s it to you?
She said sorry yo, I just thought I knew you
She walked away dissed because I had dropped the bomb
I felt bad so I reached out and snatched her arm
I pulled her back, gave her my apologies
She accepts it, but now she starts to follow me
Watching where I’m going, seeing who I know
Once she saw the gucci, she said oh, that’s fat joe
I could hear the conversation, shorty was digging me
No way she was igging me, ayo she was big on me
Throughout the night she remained in my eyesight
My man black caese was telling me yo she’s fly, right?
No that the jam is over there’s no need to front
Cause she’s leaving out the club and I’m right behind her
Now we in the deli butt naked catching wreck at last
Cause shorty gotta fat ass

Shorty gotta fat ass (repeat 3x)
She got a big fat...

Driving in my five on the live side of town
One of those days I just wanna ride around
With three deep, me diamond d, and peep
(who’s peep? ) that’s my man that be whipping the white jeeps
So bust it, I hit fordham road in the town
Cause I’m riffing in the front fool, luther vandross
Never too much, and what did I see?
Honeygrip had a little too much for me
Diamond said damn! peep said I know her!
Yeah right, whatever, I’m still pulling over
Hey mamita, spanish I’m assuming
A spanish caught wreck and that ass was booming
I couldn’t see her face cause she wouldn’t turn around
Peep is out the window staring five-o down (bo bo bo!)
Chill with that, cause I wanna stop and chat
Like a diplomat, yo you’re fucking up my rep
She wouldn’t turn around so I reached for her pelvis
She turned around, ugly hound dog, and I felt this (God damn!)
Money grip was ugly, I had to find out at last
But shorty had a fat ass

Shorty gotta fat ass (repeat 3x)
She got a big fat...

No need to be ill come all out my face
But the name is fat joe and in love I got good taste
Big butts come a dime a dozen in new york
I couldn’t help but notice when I watch you walk
You got the booming system and I don’t mean sound
I want to smack it up, flip it, and rub it down
I know girls try to say I’m living foul
But you know you can’t trust a big but and a smile
I’m not concerned with the niggas in your past
But straight up and down, shorty gotta fat ass

Shorty gotta fat ass (repeat 3x)
She got a biiiiiig...

Shorty gotta fat ass (repeat 3x)
She got a biiiig, ha ha

Shorty Got A Fat Ass lyrics by Fat Joe

Current Mood: horny
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
5:36 pm
New Hair

Current Mood: pimped out
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
6:15 pm
Where My Bitches At?
That's some real shit
Sometimes I be watching you know what I'm saying
the little videos and shit.
I just be trying to imagine them bitches fuck faces you know?
I can't help it dog I got dreams too (what)
Yo Doo Wop what's wrong with a nigga?
Tell B.I.G. rest in peace

As I sit back relax drinkin Alize and 'Yak (Cognac)
And lust over R&B bitches with wide gaps
I fantasize at night if I can up Lauryn Hill
Just to show her how that thing really feel
It's really ill what the dilly with T-Boz and Chili?
I'd rather have this big dick than a Big Willie
Cause TLC know they love Scrubs
I fuck Left Eye in the passenger seat of my man VW Bug
Wanna G Alliyah
But Mya look flyer
BIG said she looked scary but I'd still fuck Mariah
Shanice is a piece plus the pussy is deep
Kelly Price look aight but she to obese
To say the least
Veronica's skins is in the top ten
Don't need a dildo to break Monifah shit again
Deborah Cox is hot let me lick that pussy up
I had a crush on you since MTV The Cut
I'm just chinky eyed chocately cute
The girl is mine me and Monica knockin' da boots
As Brandy too crew
She like it wow from the back
Getting her braids pulled while her ass get smacked
Remember Fresh Prince, Tatyana Ali
Now she old enough to pee so now she old enough for me homey
Late night with a fifth of JD's whisky
'Cause I gotta be pissy drunk to fuck that bitch Missy

Where my bitches at?
From the front to back I wanna hit that

Fuck some Taco Bell, "Yo quiero Jennifer Lopez"
Fat ass dough legs I switch my last name to Ropez
It's true, I love 702
Divine got hazel eyes, bang em blind like Mr Magoo
Erykah Badu is cool but 'Dre is my dog

Got the Spice Girls taking turns hummin' my balls
Tell me what's the Total when the niggas attract
Kima and Keisha in a menage with Pam and Da Brat
Has to escape Xscape they was trying to rape me
Raven Symone is statutory wait until she 18
I'd bang all 3 cuties from Blaque, believe that
Without make-up Elusion is wack like two fuckin sleestacks
Chante Moore fly though but she probably know Tae-Bo
Destiny's Child is wild plus I want to try 4, wait
Who's them five white bitches wearing pink, hah
My bad that's them 'niggas' N'Sync
I'd bang Les Nubians from France to the Motherland
Stretch Mona Lisa like a rubber band with no rubber man
Faith is off limits but Mary J can get it
Them big ass lips known to cold suck a good dit-ick
One little black ass core but I like my chickens extra crispy
Slide down Whitney and her mom Sissy
But Bobby probably kill so chill
Had Tamia walking wobbly stealing meals from Grant Hill

Current Mood: g'd up
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